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Our SaaS-based platform & mobile apps connect consumers with entrepreneurs who do chores and small projects such as cleaning, handy-work, and yard work around the home. (Uber-meets-Priceline-meets-Salesforce for household projects)


Thriving and productive providers are the key to a healthy, sustainable shared economy and to a great consumer experience. When providers are empowered as entrepreneurs with enterprise business tools and treated like humans, everyone wins..

Let’s get to work!


The sharing economy has lost sight of the humanity of work. People want to be treated with dignity and respect and feel as though they’re in control of their own destiny. The sharing economy – needs to share the economy.

Independent workers make up between 20% and 30% of the working age population and this figure is projected to grow to 40% by 2020. (McKinsey 2016).

ChoreRelief is the first step in our plan to democratize entrepreneurship.


We’ve launched successful apps in iTunes and have acquired users (consumers and providers) in Chicago and New York. We’ve proven that the revenue model works and are actively generating cash. The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive and even mature entrepreneurs ask us if they can use the platform to manage their businesses.

Our next step is to launch Android apps in the Google Play store, invest in marketing to grow our user base and connect more communities, and hire community ambassadors to support further local growth and drive usage/cash flow.

Our market traction and successes

* We’ve proven that the on-demand employment model works
* We’ve proven that the revenue model works
* Client feedback tells us that there is room to grow with licenses and partnerships
* We continue to steadily build and nurture our Chicago audience
* New York grew almost overnight - proving that rapid user and revenue growth is possible



Serial Entrepreneur and Tech Startup Founder with expertise and passion that sits at the nexus of technology innovation, lifestyle improvement, and social good. Particularly focused on building businesses that promote social equality for the widowed and divorced women of my native Morocco. Has a master's in computer science and a passion for building up technology platform that empowers people. In addition to being the CEO of CHoreRelief, Tarik is the founder and current CEO of L'or D'afrique.



Strategist and growth expert who’s applied her craft across industries, start-up, and Fortune 500 - including stints at Classified Ventures, Tribune, Ford, Nissan, Cap Gemini, and Allstate. She consults with startups, mid-stage, and re-start companies toward growth, funding, and successful exit. She’s a strong people leader and culture builder. Karrie is formerly CMO at TSI and served as VP of Marketing at Career Education and Tribune Company. Karrie currently consults with several growth companies in addition to being a Director at ChoreRelief..



Dedicated entrepreneur with a passion for fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship.Focused on building businesses rooted in innovation and value creation while remaining a steward of social awareness and professional empowerment. Possesses diverse experiences across business disciplines creating a unique blend of acumen valuable in the demands of a startup. Has a background in corporate accounting, finance, data analytics, and systems. He has served as Director at Premium Themes and Manager at Quality Culinary over the previous several years.



A graduate of the John Marshall Law School, Florence has been a successful business consultant for over 10 years. She has a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship from DePaul University and received a Bachelors in Business Administration from Howard University. She worked for the City of Chicago, DePaul University before beginning her own law and business consulting practice. Florence is currently the Director of Small Business Development Center at Far South Community Development Corporation.


ChoreRelief has a few differentiators on both sides of the marketplace that will drive longevity, growth, and competitive advantage:

-The consumer and provider apps are easy to use
-Customers set their price based on the service
-We eliminate all barriers to entry for providers with no subscription or monthly fees and no bidding
-Consumers can anticipate when to expect providers
-Because of GPS tracking and photo proof – consumers can elect to have service performed while away from home
-As services are completed, the credit card is charged in a cashless transaction for hourly or flat fee
-Service providers are paid quickly to improve their cash flow

The service is free to consumers. Providers are background checked and verified. Unlike other platforms, there is no subscription fee to consumers for trusted providers. Services are on-demand. Consumers don’t have to schedule and deal with the uncertainty or frustration of providers that don’t show. The price they see is the price they get. Providers won’t charge a fee for showing up, give an unreasonable estimate, and never follow-up.

The service is just as beneficial for providers. There are no subscription fees, credits to buy, or other barriers that make it difficult for early entrepreneurs to get to work. Payment is fast. Entrepreneurs are consistently cash-strapped and can’t wait weeks or until the end of the month to get paid. ChoreRelief includes tools to manage their business. Business systems & tools help providers manage their customers, their schedules, their money, their team, and their time. This dedication to making entrepreneurs successful is the difference between one-time users and repeat revenue for the platform.

Take part in this on-demand revolution and help us bring order back to chaos