Sonny M. of Chicago IL is a service provider on ChoreRelief™ who also makes an extra $900 per month just referring customers to ChoreRelief™. Sonny simply uses the one-click banners, emails, and links we provide our affiliates!

If you have some friends or an online following, you can easily make money as a ChoreRelief™ affiliate too. All without breaking a sweat! ChoreRelief™ is an app that facilitates the hiring of contractors to perform tasks around the house, making it affordable to anyone regardless of income.

Here's How the Affiliate Program Works

• Contact us with your request to become an affiliate at
• We provide you with a unique Coupon Code which includes your name and will track the usage by your referrals.
• Your referral uses the coupon and when the job is completed:

1. You earn a commission of $5 when the person you refer redeems the coupon code.
2. The person you refer gets $10 off their service charge when they redeem the coupon.
3. We mail you your Bonus Check.

Feel free to promote your coupon code in any way that you wish. *You can even have other people share your affiliate coupon for you! *

These are some methods we recommend to promote your coupon

Through email, you can send the targeted emails we provide you with to your own friend’s list or database to drive conversions.

On Content Sites and Blogs
If you have a website or blog that is focused on our niche (freelancing, gig economy, earning extra income etc.) and features unique content.

On Comparison websites
These sites offer consumers the opportunity to compare products of different brands.

As a Social Affiliate
Promoting your coupon code via highly targeted posts on social networks.

1. The promotional email (and all text) to send out to your network.
2. Top quality promotional and informational banners and material.
3. Provide you with a promotional landing page with Call to Action.
4. Frequent updates with improved sales, techniques, tricks and tools

Earn Extra Income Referring ChoreRelief™ in 3 Easy Steps

Get Paid As A ChoreRelief™ Affiliate in 3 Easy Steps

Earn Extra Income Sharing the ChoreRelief™ App – 3 Easy Steps