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Are You Looking for a New Cleaning Company?

Are You Looking for a New Cleaning Company? Here Are Some Things to Consider Before Making Your Choice


Cleanliness and good home hygiene have never been more critical than they are right now. But as things begin returning to normal, many of us find that we don’t have the time to do all those little jobs that help keep our homes germ-free.

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For many people, hiring a cleaning company is becoming less of a luxury and more of an essential. For others, allowing someone into their otherwise empty house raises concerns. That’s perfectly natural and only fitting to ensure you have complete trust in the cleaners coming into your home. But there are other things to consider to ensure no surprises for either of you once work gets underway.

So, we’ve put together a list of the most important things to consider when looking to hire a cleaner:


Do your research

This is the most fundamental step. Before contacting a potential cleaner, check their website for references and find out whether there is any independent verification through Trustpilot or other similar sites.

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Have a look at social media. Are there any positive or negative comments or photos that indicate the quality of the work? If you know people who have used the cleaning service before, ask them about it. A reliable word-of-mouth recommendation from people you know and trust is the best indication you’ll get.


Check their documentation

A good cleaning company can provide evidence of insurance and confirm that all staff has been background checked. Without these, do not proceed. A cleaning company’s insurance protects you as much as them. Letting in cleaners who are not insured can be a costly mistake.

Ask questions about the service.

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‘Cleaning’ can mean different things to different people. Most cleaning companies will have a list of services, including the price, timescale, and details of the cleaning tasks. It would be best to get a good idea of the services available when you do your initial research. If you want anything clarified, this is the time to ask. If there are jobs you want to be done that aren’t listed under any of the services, mention them. If the company agrees to additional tasks, ensure the cost is precise, and you have written confirmation.


Please find out about the products they use

The first to know about the products is who will supply them. Does the cleaning company bring them, or use what you have in the house? If they give you the option, it’s worth noting that theirs will most likely be better and more cost-effective. If they bring their own, you may want to know the active ingredients. Likewise, you might want to ask whether their products are eco-friendly.

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Please find out how long they have been operating.

A well-established company with experienced staff is likely to put you more at ease than somebody just starting on their own. That doesn’t necessarily mean the new starter is not up to the job. Sometimes, you can get a good deal while they are still establishing themselves. The important thing is that you make your decision based on as much knowledge as possible.


Ask who will carry out the work.

When you hire a company, you may get different cleaners each week. Again, whether you are comfortable with this is a personal choice. But it’s best to know. If you want the same individual, look for smaller companies or freelancers. Make sure you’re clear about what you want and have written confirmation.

At this stage, it is also wise to discuss access. If you’re not home when your cleaner comes, how will they get in? Handing out keys to your home is unwise, so a critical safe or keypad entry is preferred.


Talk money

It won’t surprise you that most disputes between cleaners and clients are overpayments, and both parties must be clear on what is included, what it costs, and how payments will be made.

If you pay by the hour, make sure you cap it. It’s also wise to talk about what can be achieved in a given timeframe. If you pay per job, it’s still worth asking how long the service will take. You’ll want an idea of the hourly rate you’re paying, and you’ll also want to know that what you’re paying can be done well.

Check the cancellation policy too. This should be provided in writing to avoid confusion if you stop using the service.

Ask whether they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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What happens if a task is not completed to your satisfaction? Agree on a communication method for such an event before committing. This will ensure you have the necessary email or number if needed, and I will rate that you expect a high quality of service.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy cleaning service is not always easy. Without recommendations from close friends or family, it can feel like you’re just taking a chance.

Scouring local papers and ads in shop windows takes time and doesn’t guarantee quality. For peace of mind when looking for reliable local cleaners, download the Chore Relief app. With access to hundreds of fully vetted cleaners, you can rest assured. Check reviews, communicate through the app, and only receive contact from cleaners available to do the work.

After downloading the app, set up an account and enter the job details. We’ll get the message out to local cleaners; you sit back and relax. When inquiries come in, follow the guidelines above to be confident in your new cleaner.