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House Cleaning

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window cleaning

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Exterior washing

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You can hire by the hour or for a flat fee using the ChoreRelief App. When you post your job with the budget you are willing to pay, you will receive bids from qualified cleaning contractors. Once you decide to hire the best Cleaner for the chore, the bid will be accepted and the chore will be completed at the agreed upon price as long as your chore description matches the work needed to be completed. Through our bidding system, ChoreRelief removes the risk of the chore taking longer to complete ultimately saving you money.

Yes, a ChoreRelief qualified Maid/Cleaning Service is available 7 days a week

ChoreRelief guarantees a qualified Cleaning Service Provider to cross that task off your list. Each Cleaning Service partner goes through an extensive screening process, working hard to earn your honest review. Keep in mind, the best Cleaning Service will not get a penny until the work is completed

ChoreRelief’s qualified Cleaning Service Provider will not get paid until the job is completed. The agreed upon bid within the ChoreRelief App is a binding agreement that the chore will be finished at the accepted price. For a deeper look please refer to our Terms of Use.

The Home/Office cleaning professional will supply the tools necessary for chore completion.

As long as no Cleaning Professional accepts or bids on your chore listing, the chore will expire in 7 days. If a Cleaning professional sends you a bid, you can cancel the job at that time via the ChoreRelief App

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