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Getting a Handyman: Everything You Need To Know

You must carry out regular maintenance and repair jobs if you own residential or commercial property. But many don’t have the time, tools, or knowledge. That’s where a reliable handyman, or handywoman, can be invaluable. But what does a handyman do? The answer is pretty much anything. They have many practical skills, from basic plumbing and electrics to DIY and trades. But any quick-fix, cleaning, or simple construction project could be right up their street. For any task you can’t do or can’t face, it’s worth contacting a local handyperson and asking whether they can do it for you. You might be surprised just how multi-faceted their talents are. Here we look at some of the most common handyman tasks that you might need to do:


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Everyone loves their home to look nice, but few of us can be bothered to spend our precious free time painting and decorating. The good news is you don’t need to. A handyperson will carry out any run-of-the-mill DIY tasks so you can get the decorating done while you’re at work. Painting, wallpapering, and fixing curtain poles or blinds are all straightforward tasks that a decent handyperson will have done in a fraction of the time it would take you. And many of them are ex-tradesmen, so it’s worth asking about other tasks, such as plastering.


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Water can be incredibly destructive to the property, so any plumbing issues must be addressed immediately. You’ll need to find a reliable local plumber for complete plumbing work. But a handyperson can be a more affordable option for more straightforward tasks such as replacing a washer, unblocking pipes, or fixing a leak in an exposed area of piping. They can also help with repairing a faulty toilet or replacing a ballcock. They have the kit, the know-how, and the time to carry out those tasks that seem simple but that you don’t quite have the confidence to carry out yourself.


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Most handypersons will carry out basic electrics, from replacing strip lighting bulbs to fixing a new plug point. They can also help repair small electrical items or even rewire a plug. If you’re nervous about your electrician skills and want to know the person carrying out the work knows what they’re doing and won’t short-circuit your house, your local handyman is the go-to person. Again, you should find a reliable electrician for more comprehensive jobs such as rewiring the home, but a handyperson can carry out many simple electric tasks.


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Numerous jobs need to be done in the yard at all times of the year. During the growing season, lawns need mowing, hedges need trimming, and those pesky weeds need removal. You might also want a fence painted, repaired, installed, or your driveway or patio jet washed. These are all jobs that your local handyperson can do for you. Getting a do-it-yourselfer in at the start of spring may be prudent to attend to all the little yard jobs needed after winter. But yard maintenance doesn’t stop when fall comes around. Even those that like to potter in their yard in the summer months find working in the cold and rain a chore. But shrubs must be pruned, leaves must be swept, and it’s the ideal time to dig over your beds and add some well-rotted manure. Any or all of these tasks are just what your local handyman is there to do.

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Interior repairs

Interior repairs come in all shapes and sizes. Kids draw on walls, carpets fray; accidents leave dents in walls. Often when things go working around the home, we think they’re so bizarre they could only happen to us. But talk to an experienced handyperson, and you’ll be surprised at some of the things they’ve seen and the repairs they have had to carry out. Nothing fazes them! So next time you have a spillage, the excitable dog knocks something over, or a guest sits on a chair and breaks it, contact your local handyman. It might be more comfortable, quicker, and cheaper to repair than you imagine.

They can also help with hanging pictures or mirrors, fixing cupboard doors, and other jobs on your to-do list.

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Assembling flat-pack furniture

Flat-pack furniture is usually the most affordable and easy-to-transport option for the home. And if adequately assembled, it can serve you well for years. But be honest. Do you cut corners when making flat-pack furniture? Do you get bored? Do you ignore that piece of wood because you’re not entirely sure why it’s even there? Then you’re probably the type who frequently buys more flat-pack furniture because your last piece broke. Getting a handyperson to assemble flat-pack furniture for you will give each piece a longer lifespan and save money in the long run.

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Anything else

These are just some examples of the types of jobs that a handyperson can carry out. Why not call your local handyman for any other tasks you’ve been putting on the back burner? Each has different experiences, talents, and tools, so there is no definitive list of their jobs. So it’s worth taking the time to call and speak to them about any jobs in the home or yard. And in many cases, you’ll find that getting a handyperson in can clear up lots of little jobs one go that would cost far more if you used individual tradespeople, each charging a call-out fee.

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Now that you know how useful they can be, you’re undoubtedly mentally compiling a list of jobs that could finally be completed by finding a local handyperson. At AllBetter, we can put you in touch with a reliable, pre-approved do-it-yourselfer in your local area who would love to get those jobs done for you.