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What are the Benefits of a Deep Cleaning Service?

Deep cleaning a property does far more than make the place look stunning; it also removes bacteria and germs to improve hygiene and air quality inside the home. If you’re a landlord looking to rent out your property, both are essential in helping you let it as quickly as possible and get the right tenants in. Here we look at how deep cleaning services can help maximize your rental property.

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  1. Deep cleaning can help prevent long-term problems from occurring.

Simply wiping down surfaces with the anti-bacterial spray will only go part way to getting rid of nasty bugs and germs. Invariably people don’t get into the corners and under appliances, so built-up dirt, bacteria, and viruses remain. This can attract further germs and lead to mold and dampness, which can spread and cause structural problems, some of which can be very expensive!


  1. A deep cleaning helps maintain a healthy living space.

Mold, dampness, and poor air quality can lead to health issues. Tenants who claim ill health due to matters relating to the home can be costly for you. Deep cleaning can help prevent mold and dampness problems, but they can still occur. Evidence that you have employed a deep cleaning service demonstrates that you take your responsibility as a landlord seriously and can help you if a claim is made.


  1. Deep cleaning sets a standard for tenants.

When your previous tenants moved out, they may well have done what they call a deep clean. And why wouldn’t they? After all, they wanted their full deposit back. But did they clean it to your standards? Did they leave it sparkling and germ-free? In short, would a professional deep cleaning service be able to make it look cleaner, fresher, and more hygienic? If the answer to any of those questions is Yes, you should consider the benefits of deep cleaning for landlords. By getting your property deep cleaned before new tenants move in, you set out your expectations for cleanliness. Your new tenants are, therefore, more likely to respect your property and try to keep it as clean as it was when they moved in.


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  1. Deep cleaning allows you to complete a comprehensive inventory

Following a professional deep clean, taking photos of fixtures and fittings as part of your inventory is advisable. This will help in any claims during the tenancy and may also prevent any spurious claims by your tenant. And it could help settle disputes over the deposit at the end of the living.


What should be included at the end of the tenancy deep clean?

Deep cleaning tackles stubborn areas covered in a conventional cleaning program and may not form part of your usual spring clean. These include:

  • Cleaning behind kitchen appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher, and oven to get rid of grime, built-up dirt, and germs
  • A complete refresh under the sink to get rid of any nasty odors and help prevent the build-up of dampness and mold
  • Cleaning inside the oven, including the glass door, eliminates grease and prevents smoke and burning smells when using the stove.
  • Getting rid of black stains and mold on the inside of window frames and patio doors
  • Windows washed inside and
  • Washing all blinds to get rid of dust and prevent them from sticking, thus giving them a greater life span
  • A complete dusting in all corners of all rooms and behind furniture to remove cobwebs and gathered dust.
  • Descaling of tiled areas, faucets, baths, sinks, showerheads, etc., to leave them gleaming like new
  • Removing sticky stains from cupboards and other storage areas

What else can I do as a landlord to make my property look its best?


In addition to a professional deep clean, there are a few additional, simple tasks that you can carry out to ensure your property looks appealing to potential tenants and helps you set the standard you expect for cleanliness and hygiene.



  • Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer
  • Run the descaling solution through the dishwasher and washing machine, and replace the filters.
  • Check the carpets and flooring for stains and attend to any that you find
  • Check the bins are empty and give them a clean with a pressure washer

Deep cleaning between tenants helps to protect you, your new tenant, and your property. Deep cleaning should be part of your annual maintenance schedule, but it’s not always possible to arrange it when you have tenants living in your rental property, so it makes sense to get it done when it’s vacant. You can do the work yourself, but without the proper equipment and expertise, you often find it’s not worth it. Buying or hiring the equipment, getting the right cleaning products, and finding the time to carry out the work can delay the time it takes to get a new tenant in. This will be more costly than obtaining an expert deep cleaning company to do the job.



Now more than ever, cleanliness s the top agenda for people in all aspects of their lives. Aspects of hygiene that might previously have been overlooked by those looking to rent a home have become crucial parts of their decision-making progress. Landlords need to appreciate this shift in mindset and ensure they keep ahead of the game by arranging pre-tenancy deep cleaning. It’s more than just another selling point for your property. It also shows that you care and expects the property to be maintained throughout the tenancy. Whether you clean the property or hire a local deep cleaning company to do the work is up to you. Don’t get left behind by scrimping on a deep cleaning service and finding you struggle to let out your property.

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